Director's Desk

Dear students.

Welcome to Gudha Defence Academy at Career Tower. Be have, be bold, dare and so. Nothing will be impossible. No obstacle is insurmountable. Once mind is made up and you stand firm as a rock, no one can stop you from gaining your goal and crowing yourself with success. Dear student if you are looking for a career in defence, join us. Our aim is every student should get a job. We promise a job to every student who joins our Institute.“Appeal to young generation”

        I Ashok Kumar , my great thoughts , by great wishes of my masters to make discipline, brave army man and join them in army and police line. I think this is my best quality and the best work done for my country and my great land India. I have been in this work for 10 years continuously and would like to do in future. I appeal those great boys who puzzle and tired for belt service, to please present in my office. I promise you all to increase in you all great ability for join belt service. If you are ready to change the world by power of yourself, I appeal you to all come here to me and ready to do best.

 Success lamp “GDA”
        Success has not any magic stick, peoples say it but we have that magic stick. You can take sure success in “Gudha Defence Academy”. It is your illusion, if you think that you are unfortunate. God will help you if you strive for your success and valuable success, getting motivation by your scholars. In your planned mission you have to be determined, confident and positive. You have to learn from your past mistakes. Honestly you have to work for your success. Then you could touch the stratosphere of your life. Teaching is only demonstrating that it is possible, learning is making it possible.  
Mr Ashok Kumar
                                                                            Director – GDA

                                                         President – Gudha Defence Academy Gudha